Secure Virtual Data Room

In today’s business environment virtual data rooms (VDRs) have revolutionized the transaction process. Instant 24/7/365 access from any location and any device with Internet connection, secure data management and storing as well as substantial time and money savings during confidential business deals are the key reasons why businesses turn VDRs instead of physical data rooms. Plus, the online version of physical deal rooms takes away all many pitfalls and risks, reducing the possibility of deal not going on as planned.

Time Recording & Billing

From our experience, lawyers will go to incredible lengths to avoid recording time in a disciplined way. In an average professional service firm, 30% of billable can be lost due to inefficient time tracking. Why does this happen? The answer is simple. In the absence of a sensible system, making contemporaneous notes and time recording are both boring activities. But they need not be. Our solution have provided professional service firms with a complete Time and Billing Solution hence simplify the billing, Recover lost revenue, Track time from anywhere and gain better Insights to the business.

Document Management System

Everyone organizes their documents, emails, scans, electronic faxes, graphics, etc. in some fashion, whether or not they use a document management system (“DMS”).

Just as everyone not using a document management system spent much too much time hunting for “lost” documents, often even re-typing them, hunting for subdirectories that were “dragged and dropped” who knows where, and so on. These are some of the issues that typically drive firms to adopt a document management system.

Today, Lawyers are swamped with information that goes beyond traditional “documents,” including emails, faxes, scanned documents and pages saved from the Internet, as well as traditional documents generated by the firm. Document Management System is the traffic cop that brings order to this chaos, organizing it by client/matter, categorizing the types of documents you have and directing them to the proper place.

Our Document management solution allows you to create, secure, manage, access, and collaborate on documents and email anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Document Automation & Assembly

For some time, word processing programs such as Microsoft Word have featured simple routines like mail merge, which add data into documents. However, none of these tools have the sophistication or intelligence to build more complex, rules-based documents such as legal agreements and forms. With their complex permutations of clauses and the names, dates, and values within those clauses, legal agreements can quickly become very long and complicated documents that require time, specialist knowledge, and great care and expense to draft.

Our Solution allows you to transform your frequently used documents and forms into intelligent templates that enable superfast production of custom documentation to quickly automate the creation of complex documents and dramatically reduce the human effort, time, and costs involved while simultaneously improving compliance with drafting standards.

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